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October 2018

Emma MacKay | 136

By | Dairy Early, Formal, Primary/Intermediate, Waikato | No Comments

10, Primary/Intermediate

Dairy Early


Formal Judging

Calfs Details: Lily, Heifer, Jersey, DOB: 03/07/18,

OUR STORY: Hi my name is Emma and this is my calf Lily. She is super friendly and loves lots of attention. Her favourite thing to eat is marshmallows!! She will follow me everywhere if she thinks I have some on me. She doesn’t like leading much. But loves spending time with me.

Izzy Radford | 135

By | Dairy Late, Formal, Primary/Intermediate, Taranaki
Izzy Radford

13, Primary/Intermediate

Dairy Late


Formal Judging

Calfs Details: Fusion Braxton Miller,  Heifer,  Freisan,  DOB: 10/08/18,

OUR STORY: My name is Izzy, I am 13 and go to Ngaere school. I enjoy horse riding, going down the farm, netball and hanging out with my calf. Mila has a lovely nature and is so much fun to hang out with. I feed her milk everyday and she enjoys eating grass, meal and hay. Mila runs around the paddock with her friends and brush her everyday. She is very special to me and I look forward to watching her grow.

Chloe Sargent | ID 134

By | Dairy Early, Formal, Primary/Intermediate, Waikato
Chloe Sargent

9, Primary/Intermediate

Dairy Early


Formal Judging

Calfs Details: Ginger,  Heifer,  Jersey,  DOB: 14/07/18,

I am Chloe Sargent, I am 9 years old and I live in Ngatea. This is my 3rd year doing calf club.

My calf’s name is Ginger and she’s great. She is very friendly and I love spending time with her. Ginger wears a cover to keep her coat clean and to make her feel secure. At calf club we do jobs like:

Brush our calves daily
Lead them around the obstacle course and walk them.
Wash and clean them

What I like most about my calf is giving her cuddles.

Elsie Loe | ID 133

By | Beef Late, Canterbury, Primary/Intermediate, Social
Elsie Loe

11, Primary/Intermediate

Beef Late


Social Judging

Calfs Details: Fergus,  Bull,  Friesian,  DOB: 01/08/18,

OUR STORY:I have 5 Fresian bull calves called Fergus who is completely black, Harry who is white with 2 black splodges, Larry who is completely white, Gary who is kind of stripey and Barry who is black with a big white splodge on his chest.  I first fed them twice a day with milk and moozlee, but now I only feed them once a day with milk and Frame Grain & Seeds 20% Protein. When I first got them, I had them in a shed but now they are out in the paddock and can go up the hill.

Marley Imeson | ID 131

By | Dairy Early, Northland, Pre-School, Social
Marley Imeson

3, Pre-School

Dairy Early


Social Judging

Calfs Details: Tiny,  Heifer,  Jersey,  DOB: 25/07/18,

OUR STORY: This calf is my favourite, it’s tiny, I dried her to keep her warm, and I made her a hut, and I like to give her cuddles and feed her milk. She is number 32.


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