Tayla Hansen

14, High School

Beef Late


Formal Judging

Calfs Details: Yogi, Bull, Speckle Park x Shorthorn, 3-Aug-18,

OUR STORY:  Yogis sire is a bull called Kidmans Cove. He is currently receiving 2L of milk powder each day. Each year I compete in a national competition called Future Beef Hoof & Hook so I will tear Yogi till R2 amd take him through the competition. I regularly participate in shows and was devistated to hear to cancellation of most shows this season. I usually get a calf at the beginning of June so I am rather sad because my calves are always much bigger and on a lot more milk but due to M Bovis I have been unable to.

OUR PHOTO: https://realexperienceforms.wufoo.com/cabinet/90080089-fa0a-4dc3-b3b6-324757ecfb8a


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