Summa Roskam | ID: 115

Summa Roskam

13, High School

Beef Early


Formal Judging

Calfs Details: Frosty, Heifer,  Belgian Blue cross, DOB 1st July,

OUR STORY:  Frosty is a cheeky little calf. i love her personality. I love it when she chases me up and down the paddock. I feed her 8L of milk a day she also has hay meal and grass. frosty is belgian blue cross with shorthorn. She has had a 5in1 shot which covers black leg, black disease, pulpy kidney and tetanus. Belgian blue are breed for there meat and are known for there double museal. They are also known for there lean meat. Frosty is White but Blues can also come in black and white and blue roan.


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