Conner Somerville | ID: 94

Conner Somerville

13, High School

Dairy Early


Formal Judging

Calfs Details: diva, Heifer, friesan, DOB 06/07/18,

OUR STORY:  This is my calf her name is Diva. She her diet mainly consisting of milk,meal,water,grass, occasionally we will crack open eggs and put them in the milk. Diva was born on the 6/7/2018 to cow number 277. Diva has a wild and electric personality when she is out in the paddock with her friends or on the halter sometimes. I chose Diva because when I saw her in the pen, she had a certain wow factor that made her appeal more to me than the many other calves with her.Diva will almost certainly turn to be a great milking cow.


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