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Calf Club NZ

Keeping Calf Clubs Alive and Driving the Growth and Development of NZ’s Young Farmers

Calf Club NZ Contestants

On-Farm Judging

The nationwide on-farm event allows each contestant to be judged in person and compete against both local participants and contestants nationwide.

Online Judging

The online event is for those contestants who want to share their stories and compete socially you can participate in both on-farm and the online event. This is also a great section for the pre-schoolers.

When, Where & What?

This year both the on-farm and online competitions will be live during the third term school holidays from the 1st of October to the 16th of October.

On-farm judging requires you to register as soon as possible so we can organise a volunteer judge to come and judge your entry.

The online competition requires no pre-registration and this year submissions will open on the 1st of October and close on the 16th of October. This will allow you to capture your submissions on judging day and talk about how they went.

Real Ribbons & Prizes

Every contestant in Calf Club NZ has always received a prize pack with real ribbons, memories and more. This is all possible thanks to our Gold Sponsors. Once again this year both our on-farm and online competitors will receive their very own prize pack.

So how can you win extra ribbons and prizes during this year’s Calf Club NZ?

Calf Club NZ Ribbons

Register For On-Farm Judging Now

To ensure you are a part of our on-farm judging section make sure you register your interest today. You are allowed to register for one dairy and one beef calf.

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