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Registrations Close On The 20th of August

Time to Register for Calf Club NZ? We have made it super easy all you need to do is simply fill out the form on this page and you are rearing to go!

As more instructions and information is release this will be emailed out to everyone who will Register for Calf Club NZ. There will be a full registration form that will be submitted when you make your final submission, each child will need to fill in the full registration form and will then elect to be in the social grade or the formally judged grade.

We have been humbled by the rallying support of the dairy industry around Calf Club NZ and we are proud to announce that a few sponsors have come forward to ensure we can deliver this amazing event and guess what? There will even be ribbons!

We have decided to extend the registration date till the 20th of August to ensure as many people as possible get the opportunity to enter Calf Club NZ.

We are releasing more and more information about this amazing initiative that is continuing to grow and grow on a daily basis. To keep up with the lates and greatest follow us on Facebook.

Please feel free to share your Calf Club stories with us on Facebook! We love seeing all of your amazing stories.

Register for Calf Club NZ now to ensure you and your kids don’t miss out on this iconic New Zealand tradition.

LETS DO IT! We need numbers, register now to show your support.