Siva Horsford

9, Primary/Intermediate

Dairy Early


Formal Judging

Calfs Details: Helga, Heifer, Fresian, DOB 29-Jul,

OUR STORY:  This is my calf Helga, she is a fresian heifer. She was born on the 29th of July and weighs 75 kilos. She gets fed 20% Ringrose pellets, hay, grass and Queen of calves mixed in her 4litres of milk once a day. The vets came and disbudded and vaccinated her with 7in1 on the 5th of September. Helga would rather get brushes and eat meal than go for a walk. Her mum and grandmother are still getting milked in my Koros cowshed. I hope one day Helga will get milked with them.



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