Katie Templeman

7, Primary/Intermediate

Dairy Late


Formal Judging

Calfs Details: Milly, Heifer, Jersey, DOB 1st August 2018,

OUR STORY:  My calfs name is Milly she is a jersey, her birth ID is BVMV-18-32. Milly will be a replacement heffier for Mum and Dads herd. I picked her specially as she looked cool. I feed her by bucket in the morning before I go to Linkwater School. After school I tie her up and feed her, brush her and lead her. I give her lots of cuddles. Milly has meal, hay, water, a cover and 5L milk twice a day. She has been debudded and 5 in 1 vaccinated. I love Milly because she is friendly and loves me.

OUR PHOTO: https://realexperienceforms.wufoo.com/cabinet/0f41f859-9c51-414b-99f8-0df7d231b710


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