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Calfs Details: Socks, Bull, Friesian, DOB 20/07/18,

OUR STORY:  Socks is super cool, he is so friendly and funny. He likes to bunt when he wants to suck my fingers or get brushed and when I let him in the paddock he races around and rubs his head in the grass! I got him from a farm that I was helping on in the holiday„¢¯s. I bought him home when he was a week old and I have been feeding him milk every day and some calf food. He is the greediest calf by far and drinks the most milk. I will miss him when he goes to Paul„¢¯s.



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  • Mark says:

    What a well fed and bred calf, well done josh

  • Moo poo says:

    Socks looks posh thanks to josh, one well bred and fed calf, well done and thanks MuM

  • Kathy Marx says:

    Josh your calf is looking so well looked after. Well done

  • Micaela Murray says:

    Having been the very pleased buyer of all your previous calves, I can report that, unlike most calves, they don’t go backwards once off the milk and continue to grow very well. Just as importantly, they are quiet and easy to handle. This calf is another example of your excellent animal husbandry. Well done.