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Calfs Details: Bree, Heifer, Jersey, DOB 2nd August 2018,

OUR STORY:  Hello my name is Henry Scherer and I„¢¯m 5 years old. My calf is called Bree. I like to give her snuggles. I like to play with Bree. My favourite thing about Bree is her tail because it swings backwards and forwards. Bree is a brownie colour and she is a jersey calf. Bree likes to lick my face with her rough tounge. I feed Bree milk and brush her. Bree gets meal and hay with all her friends. Bree„¢¯s favourite friend is me Henry and my sisters calf Hazel. Thank you for reading my story.

OUR PHOTO: https://realexperienceforms.wufoo.com/cabinet/3e97452a-bc2d-4c22-9ef9-5f8d977dc016


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