Harvey Nother

8, Primary/Intermediate

Dairy Early


Formal Judging

Calfs Details: Milky Way, Heifer, Kiwi cross,

OUR STORY:  My name is Harvey I am 8. I moved here last year from England I love it here and have made some great friends. I have Autism but it doesn’t stop me from doing the things I love. My calf is called Milky Way she is beautiful. My mum takes me to see her after school, I love to brush her and take her for a walk around the farm.We bought her a blue coat to keep her clean and warm. I love to watch Milky way play in the paddock with the other calves. I love her.

OUR PHOTO: https://realexperienceforms.wufoo.com/cabinet/51657058-a2f2-406a-8ddb-ce9d9c0d9fc9


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