Ella Bashford

11, Primary/Intermediate

Dairy Late


Formal Judging

Calfs Details: Emma, Heifer, Ped ayrshire, DOB 07/08/18,

OUR STORY:  My name is Ella and my calf is Emma. I am 11 years old and board at solway college. I brush and lead Emma at the weekends when Im home. Emmas stud name is Christella Oblique Aran. I attended 6 calf club days last year. Unfortuanately we cant go this year due to M Bovis disease. We farm at Eketahuna and have 400 cows. I love all my calves and still have all my other pet ones in the herd. I showed my first calf when I was two years old.

OUR PHOTO: https://realexperienceforms.wufoo.com/cabinet/869e2a47-0edf-4aed-941c-9d7cc949df97


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