Ashlynne Wise

7, Primary/Intermediate

Dairy Early


Formal Judging

Calfs Details: Sprinkles, Heifer, Fresian Crossbreed, DOB 21/06/18

OUR STORY:  My calf is called Sprinkles and she is a black, white and brown Fresian Crossbreed and her sire is F10 J6. She has a pink and a white tag. The pink one is an identification tag and the white one is a NAIT tag which stands for National Animal Identification and Tracing. I brush her everyday using 3 different types of brushes and she’s good at leading and I lead her around the arena everyday. I feed her milk, hay, grass and meal. We give her a 6 in 1 vaccine and worm her. I love her she’s really nice.



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