Welcome to Calf Club NZ 2019, New Zealandโ€™s largest online Calf Club. In 2018 the farming community faced by the dreaded M-Bovis came up with an idea to ensure Calf Clubs would survive through this hard time. The industry quickly banded together and rose up to help

Create an amazing event that not only banded our industry together nation wide but ensured the continued growth and development of our young farmers.

Calf Club NZ has established a fantastic format that allows our youth to share their triumphs and compete with a boarder range of contestants. Calf Club NZ consists of two main categories FORMAL and SOCIAL. These categories are then divided into three age groups Pre-school, Primary/Intermediate and High-school. Each of these divisions is then also split into Dairy or Beef and then regions across the entire country.

Contestants submit a photo of their calf (with or without themselves in the photo) and supply a 100-word story about their experiences with their calf. These are then put into our Calf Club NZ website where we allow contestants to vote for the social winners and our pre selection judges nominate their top tens. The finalized Top Tens for each region are then calculated and visited by our official Calf Club NZ Judges who work along side our contestants to visit and undertake all of the traditional judging. Following completion each regions judge then decides our top 10 winners from each region, age and category.

Last year we saw an extremely large backing from the rural community and they are now calling for us to return again in 2019! However, we once again need your help to get this done! With a fantastic set of foundations in place we are very excited to work along side you this year to bring an even bigger, more exciting and highly anticipated event to the rural community in 2019.

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Lily & Blayke Show Us How It Is Done!

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Check out the latest story about Lily and Blayke some of our 2019 contestants who have come straight out of the big city!

Submissions are now open!

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Submissions are open and ready to go. Make sure you submit your photo and story by the 8th of September using our online submission form!

Registrations for Calf Club NZ 2019 are open!

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IT IS HERE! Registrations for the 2019 Calf Club NZ are now open!ย ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ„๐Ÿ„๐Ÿ„ This year we have some absolutely amazing announcements to make, we have new releases, a new ranking…

2019 Calf Club NZ is in Planning Mode!

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Behind calf and participant is weeks, days, hours and more behind them, behind Calf Club NZ you find much the same! 2019 Calf Club NZ is in planning mode as…


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