Calf Club NZ’s Proposal

Calf Club NZ, We are going to build a nationwide online calf club to encourage the continuing participation in this valuable event. You will be able to submit photos of your calfs in their respective categories: Dairy & Beef / Earlies & Lates. You will also submit a small story about you and your calf as well as some of the experiences you had while rearing your calf.

There will be two sets of judging for each category a social judging and a formal judging. Every entry will be entered into the social judging and when you submit your full registration with the submission of your entry you will be able to elect yourself into the formally judged category.

Age Groups:

We will have a Pre-school, Primary/Intermediate and High-school age groups. We will release more information in the next week or so about this. Registering now not only ensures your eligibility to participate but it helps us get up and running. We have already received over 250 kids registrations and we haven’t even approached any schools yet! If your school is planning on cancelling it’s calf club send them a link to our website and get in touch!

Why Is This Important?

Due to the M-Bovis breakout in New Zealand it has come to our attention that there are many schools that will be unable to participate in calf clubs this year. We believe that many important skills and ethics are taught through this amazing experience and the M-Bovis breakout should not take this away from the kids. This is a vital link to the dairy farming industry and it needs to be preserved.

While we would prefer to keep calf days going at schools in the current situation we are going to provide an online independent fun solution for anyone wishing to enter! If your local calf club is still going ahead you are more than welcome to join in with Calf Club NZ’s online competition.

This is an independent Calf Club that is being developed by farmers for farmer.

Registrations for Calf Club NZ are now closed but will return for future events!

Does Calf Club NZ sound like something you want to be apart of? Well it is time to register! We have made it easy to register online. Full terms and conditions will be finalised in the next week and will be emailed to everyone who has registered. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch!

We have extended registrations out to the 20th of August! So let everyone in your area know about Calf Club NZ and register today!!

Each contestant will also be required to submit a full individual registration with their final entry. This will be released late this month along with our rules and guidelines.



We have been fortunate enough to have a sponsor who is helping build out the website that will enable online voting, however we need your support! We have already had a massive amount of registrations and we want to do the best job we can ensuing every enjoys Calf Club NZ.

Don’t feel as though you have to support financially. Support can come in a number of ways, from help spreading word, working with your local school to help them use our Calf Club, maybe you are amazing at writing and want to get on board with stories, advertising, judging or maybe you know someone who could benefit from this movement. These are all areas that we need help with & we would love to hear from you.

Calf Club NZ Limited is a registered charity in New Zealand. Our Charities Commission Registration number is CC55626

One of our Calf Club Contestants Grooming Her Calf.


Sponsors Who Have Helped Make Calf Club NZ A Reality So Far
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